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31 August 2006 @ 02:12 am
Newby Intro~  
Hi~I just signed up recently to your little community & thought I should introduce myself-
Hubby & I are sort of 1st time homeowners (its our 1st keeper)-we are in are
mid years...So this will probably be our empty nest place {we are half way there : ]}
We have a small '40's style house that we are renovating.
Presently we are reno-ing the kitchen a tiny little space of 6.5 ft X13.5ft
originally the kitchen cabinettes covered one wall (the 6.5ft)with a stove snuggled near it & an old partial cupbard opposite so I could have a prep space...plus open shelves banking the opposite wall to the sink with the refrigerator..
*We are changing the footprint of the room thus needed to change wiring & plumbing..& since we had Cinder brick outter construction we needed to
add 2X4 framing../insulating& gyprock paint after-adding new wiring for
the work areas...(after upgrading our Power service box)
finally we have the gyprock& painting completed & we will be putting in Krono flooring this week..Cabinetry is from Ikea(a great sale price)& new appliances are ready to go...
it has taken longer than we had expected but it was mostly unexpected things in life pulling us away from our reno project..
We hope to finish the kitchen soon..I have more plans to talk about but think I will let you know more as we go along as it can sound a bit like rambling.,on & on.
I am looking forward to hearing about others reno projects& meeting other DIY'rs..don't know why I didn't search this interest before on LJ-lol
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Heidimarshmelococoa on September 3rd, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
welcome to the community!

I love the idea of renovation and making a new space out of an existing space, but hope I don't have to do it for a long time.

We just bought our first home in June. We haven't yet painted or done some general things that we want to but hope to within the year. I still haven't exactly decided what I want to do yet. I do love my house though - it's just perfect.

So far this community is a bit slow, we haven't quite got it going well yet, but jump right in and join along. I look forward to hearing more about your projects and maybe some pictures too.
ladydragonflyii on September 18th, 2006 04:35 am (UTC)
Thank you -I am hoping our other projects
don't take as long...But next time I will be more time
conscious -& re-evaluate if I want something moved -or put
in a different area :}
*At least no we have the wiring upgraded